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OSCANN, a diagnostic platform for neurological and mental disorders.

Our value proposition:

Remote diagnostic services

- Tests performed with OSCANN by a technician (not necessarily an specialist) will be processed automatically through a cloud-based AI application providing automatically a report about the condition of the patient of high clinical value
- This report will provide a real-time assessment of the pathology and the probability of occurrence, and it will be highly valuable for the physician in determining course of action
- Ease of use and low unit cost will mean that all potential patients could be assessed at an early stage, a possibility that today is absent
- A subscription service with a pay-per-use model: payment per test performed


- A complete solution, including the device (hardware) and the software, for early advanced diagnostics of neurological and other diseases providing physicians with a wealth of data about the condition of their patients for them to interpret
- Ideal for research departments and specialized units relying on their own expertise and prowess to take advantage of OSCANN` potential within their daily operations.
- Acquisition of the device for a price depending on the items and complements included, plus a recurrent maintenance fee that includes software updates

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