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B21 Magazine

B21 is the UK's leading, mainstream magazine dedicated to understanding and coping with brain and spinal injury. It's mission it to revolutionise the way we think and deal with this highly complex field of medicine, both academically and socially.

Each issue brings you up-to-the-minute, beautifully-presented information, that includes: news; illustrated guides to the brain and spine; research and development; book reviews; case studies; legal advice; state-of-the-art rehabilitation treatments; readers' letters; plus much more.

B21 is also the first magazine to be aimed at, and read by, both healthcare professionals and the general public. 10,000 copies are distributed free of charge, each quarter, to NHS hospitals; private rehabilitation clinics; personal injury lawyers; case managers; relevant societies and associations; suppliers of aids and equipment; occupational therapists and charities.

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