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Baffin Technology Systems Ltd.

Baffin provides the Prodrobot Automatic Gait Trainer - an active paediatric rehabilitation device that simulates a walking pattern. Through its precise execution of cycles, it establishes the parameters of the walking motion and exercises the lower limbs, joints and muscles to prevent deterioration on a neurological and orthopaedic level. Without strain and imitating the natural motion of limbs as closely as possible, the Prodrobot™ is the world`s only robotic device that enables an individual setting to be applied to each leg while exercising them both simultaneously.

Baffin also offers multifunctional standing frames featuring Second Spine® Technology. Our high quality, innovative and patented products cater for a wide range of conditions supporting rehabilitation and offering solutions for complex medical needs.

As parents of children with lifelong conditions, like cerebral palsy, will know, poor posture leads to complications that have painful and heart-breaking consequences. Many patients who suffer from muscular or skeletal defects, or are recovering from a serious injury or an operation, need constant postural management and substantial physical support to help them maintain their independence and prevent further deterioration.

The BAFFIN range of multifunctional chairs and standing frames use patented Second Spine® Technology to make this possible. Each one is fitted to the user`s anatomy. The multifunctional standing and sitting systems enable the carer (and even the user) to change the user`s position easily and safely by a remote control. This helps prevent long-term deterioration and the host of other problems associated with just sitting in a traditional wheelchair.

The Second Spine® Technology reduces pressure on the respiratory, circulatory and gastrointestinal systems and `without doubt, prevents future surgical interventions and consequently reduces the amount of stress for the patient and their carers` (Marianne Lopez-Sanchez, FH Joanneum University of Applied Sciences, Austria).

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