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Brain+ develops digital training tools for cognitive rehabilitation, remediation and prevention of cognitive decline.
Our newest app, RECOVER, engages patients in intense and long term motivational cognitive exercise regimes, uniquely tailored to the individual, with therapist support or as self-care. The goal of the training is that the patient gains greater autonomy and self-confidence, thus increasing quality of life. This is accomplished by strengthening and restoring weak or injured basic cognitive functions, thereby restoring the patient's functional ability and independence in daily life.

The training is tailored to the needs of the user and consists of a combination of direct cognitive training with custom-designed immersive neurogames, as well as audio-based meta-cognitive learning (learning about cognition, thoughts and feelings) and guided cognitive exercises (including attention exercises, mindfulness, mental techniques and daily habits that are healthy for the brain). The training method has been developed in collaboration with Danish health professionals and researchers over 6 years and allows for much greater precision, flexibility, variety and intensity in rehabilitation or training.

The training is delivered through an app for smartphones and tablets.
For health professionals, there is an analytics web interface that can be used to track the patient's activity and development over time.

Cognitive rehabilitation, remediation and prevention of relapse and neurodegeneration.

Citizens with reduced cognitive functions due to age, or diagnoses such as brain injury, depression, stress / burnout, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's or similar .

Impact for the patient
The patient will experience an increased ability to function normally in everyday life and a higher degree of autonomy. Better overview, faster processing and understanding of information, increased cognitive presence and generally more mental surplus in everyday life. Brain+ Recover is designed to provide a healthier and stronger brain, as well as slow, prevent or counteract cognitive decline and weakness.

Significance for health care professionals
Recover provides an efficient and time-saving digital training tool for the professional to enhance the quality of training, care and rehabilitation.
The professional will gain a greater and more detailed insight into the patient`s cognitive performance and activity level and identify strengths and weaknesses that can help adjust the treatment for better results (through the analysis web interface).
The patients themselves can handle a large part of the training, even in their own homes, possibly with support from relatives. Therefore, there is less work for the professional, since Recover automatically tests users' cognitive capabilities and adapts the training accordingly. The professional will quickly gain an overview of the patients` cognitive strengths and weaknesses, while Recover generates a program tailored to their needs and continuously adjusts to the patients` unique individual needs and development throughout the process. The application is designed for patients with cognitive difficulties and is designed to be very intuitive so that even weakened individuals can learn how to use it.
Recover Is a working tool for both health care professionals and patients and can be implemented to support current rehabilitation efforts. In the long term, it will be the patient who works with rehabilitation on their own and with fewer employee resources.
The patient can continue rehabilitation after completion of rehabilitation or special treatment.
When there is no more budget for visitation, referrals, or specialist treatments, more citizens may still receive treatment because they are able to take care of the treatment themselves by using Recover (possibly with the help of helpers).

Gives the therapist unique insight into the citizen's cognitive ability and a tool to more effectively rehabilitate reduced cognitive functions or prevent future decline. Savings are highly dependent on current treatment processes and can be found both in short-term gains through optimization of workflows, more efficient treatment that requires less active involvement from the professional, self-help and self-care, resources saved by being able to give Recover as a treatment offer when other offers are not possible, as well as longer term savings, as patients become more independent and healthy over time.

Rates depend on needs and scope.

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