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BrainCare Oy

BrainCare developed a novel subdermal EEG electrode, UltimateEEG™, for long-term minimally-invasive, under-the-skin, EEG recordings to be connected to an implant for continuous monitoring. Seizure counting is critical for neurologists to properly diagnose, monitor, and treat their patients. Our mission is to deliver personalized solutions to improve the quality of life of epilepsy patients.

At BrainCare we develop novel technology to simplify seizure monitoring. Our products include SOENIA™ Epilepsy Diary for patients & Epilepsy Cloud for hospitals (, UltimateEEG™ Electrode for long-term minimally-invasive, subdermal EEG recordings, and in the future UltimateEEG™ Implant to monitor seizures from the patient`s natural everyday environment.

More data. Better treatment. Happier Life.

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