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CADskills designs and manufactures patient and surgeon specific cranial plates in PEEK and titanium, both in- and onlay. 3D printing in combination with traditional techniques allows for integration of several state of the art features. This results in reduced operating time and perfect aesthetic outcomes.

To facilitate surgeries, decrease complications and ensure excellent aesthetic results, CADskills incorporates some smart design considerations like mirroring the unaffected side to ensure a symmetrical result.
For large defects, the plates can be manufactured in multiple pieces, connected with a 3D puzzle structure, and under-contoured for tensionless wound closing.
Some space can be left between the bony edge of the defect and the caudal edge of the plate, to protect large vessels.
Perforations in the implants facilitate drainage of cerebrospinal fluid and blood.
Arrow shaped brackets in the perforations serve as fixation point for the dura mater and the temporalis muscle.
To anticipate on temporal hollowing, an onlay piece can be designed to preserve facial symmetry.

Our latest realisation in cranioplasty is the CeTi, this stands for a combination of Ceramics and Titanium, combining the advantages of both materials. The features of classic alloplastic cranioplasty are combined with new features, only possible to implement with 3D printed titanium.
The CeTi a is titanium cranial plate with scaffolding at the border, which allows for the application of Injectable Hydroxy Apatite Bone Substitute for optimal biocompatibility.
The thin plate creates extra space in case the brain expands, and the specific design will absorb impact by deformation, evenly distributing the forces across the contact area, avoiding high local stresses on the skull.

The CADskills online ordering platform makes ordering your patient specific implants incredibly easy. After providing the CT data to CADskills, the engineers create a first design proposal. Feedback can be given by the surgeon until all wishes are perfectly met. The direct communication between engineers/designers and surgeons makes sure that design feedback is immediately translated into a new design proposal. All cranial implants, both in titanium and PEEK are biofuntionalised and cleaned.
After design approval, manufacturing of the implant only takes 15 business days!

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