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CortiCare, Inc.

Do you know which of your patients are experiencing seizures?

With the increase in studies, clinicians are just now realizing how often patients are experiencing seizures. More than half of these seizures are NON-CONVULSIVE and many of these patients go untreated.

Studies showing Seizure Prevalence:

Intraparenchymal hemorrhage 16-23%
Moderate to severe TBI 18-33%
Nervous system infections 10-33%
Recent Neurosurgery 23%
Brain Tumors 23-37%
Acute ischemic stroke 6%-27%
Sepsis 32%
Epilepsy Related 33%-39%
Hypoxic-ischemia post cardiac arrest 10-59%
Aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage 3-19%

CortiCare is the leading provider of Tele-EEG services worldwide. With a team of remote EEG Monitoring Techs and Reading Neurologists, we service all types of medical facilities (offices, nursing homes...) and all departments within the hospital (ICU, Neonatal ICU, Epilepsy unit, Emergency...). Our mobile EEG device, Cloud-Based analysis software and easy Electrode Cap make EEG data obtainable anywhere anytime. Our service includes:

1) Long Term Continuous EEG Monitoring:
CortiCare`s 40+ R.EEG Technologists provide 24/7/365 remote monitoring of patients under the hospital`s care according to standard industry practices and guidelines (ACNS/ASET/ABRET).

How it works is simple - The hospital or medical facility sets up the patient using their own (or CortiCare provided) EEG system. If you do not have any personnel to provide patient set-up, CortiCare can provide an easy to apply cap and training.

Our secure, HIPAA compliant remote monitoring software is started by the bedside Nurse or Tech and once notified, our monitoring technologist will log in with a unique password and begin monitoring EEG data as if at the patient bedside. Our technologist will continuously review data and immediately inform the reading neurologist of any significant or remarkable events.

2) On-Call Neurophysiologist EEG Interpretation and Review :
Our board certified neurologists are available for on-call EEG interpretation and report writing. Our Neurophysiologists and Epileptologists all have experience in Adult, Pediatric or Neonatal continuous or Routine EEG interpretation.

CortiCare provides this reading through a team of independent readers, as well as relationships with larger US academic centers including Harvard/MGH, Duke and Emory.

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