Exhibiting at the European Neuro Convention

Delta Surgical Limited

Delta Surgical is a Neuro focused SME, currently supplying all the UK neurosurgical units. Celebrating our 15th anniversary this year we pride ourselves on meeting our customers` needs with innovative and unique products that are sold and supported in the field with our expert team.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Delta Surgical booth and will be showing the following-

PMI, Doro, - Cranial support and brain retractors including skull pins and consumables. Market leader in the UK, demonstrating on the booth- LUNA brain retractor & Lucent MRI cranial support system amongst others

Cerbomed, Nemos- t-VNS for epilepsy. The innovative Cerbomed Nemos t-VNS device is now being trialled across the UK in many Neuro centres. Orientated on implanted VNS, this unique technology stimulates the auricular branch of the Vagus Nerve transcutaneously without the need for surgery.

Raumedic - Multimodality Neuro monitoring, including ICP, O2 and Temperature. Following market introduction 2014, the Raumedic range has widely been accepted as the next generation in Neuro. We will have on show the complete range including telemetric ICP and ICP/O2/ Temp through a single access point.

Neuromedex - External ventricular drains and catheters. Now with the new Ventrex EDS system the Ventriguard range of silver impregnated EVD catheters all using antimicrobial Nano Silver particles.

Bienair - Neurosurgery drills and consumables. Historically, an ENT drill system, Bienair has recently launched a Neuro range. The range includes their own perforator and an extensive consumables range.

ROWENA - designed by a practicing neurosurgeon, ROWENA is a surgical simulator aimed to teach the techniques, depth and anatomy that can only otherwise be obtained through live surgery or cadaver workshops.

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