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Elysium Neurological

Elysium Neurological: specialist providers of neurological rehabilitation and complex care.

Our specialist neurological care and rehabilitation centres provide extensive
facilities to cater for the specific needs of people aged over 18 years who have
complex neurological care and rehabilitation requirements for those affected by:

* Acquired Brain Injuries including those acquired through trauma or stroke, Tumour or Anoxia
* Progressive Neurological Disorders e.g. Huntington`s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson`s and MND
* Spinal Cord Injuries acquired through trauma or tumour
* Peripheral neuropathy conditions e.g. Guillain Barre Syndrome
* Specialist dementia e.g. Picks Disease, Frontotemporal Dementia

To meet the specific requirements of these complex conditions we provide:
* Neurological physical and cognitive rehabilitation inpatient assessment and treatment
* Long term complex care including specialist nursing to provide tracheostomy management and respiratory support including ventilation
* Sensory assessment and complex care for patients with disorders of consciousness
* Effective management of behaviours that challenge
* Respite and short breaks
* Palliative care

We work with residents and their families/carers to help them to achieve their personal
goals and the best quality of life possible in a caring, supportive and homely environment.

Our team of clinical therapists are based onsite and are highly skilled and experienced in complex neurological care and rehabilitation. Our therapy team design customised programmes for each individual that can be measured using accredited outcome
tools e.g. FIM/FAM. Our therapy facilities include fully equipped gyms, accessible kitchens, treatment rooms and a wide range of equipment to meet the individual needs of residents.

Elysium Neurological provides these valuable services from:
* Badby Park, Northampton
* Adderley Green, Stoke on Trent
* Stanley House,, Herefordshire
* The Bridge, Middlesbrough

For more information please contact:
T: Rachael Chamberlain on 07387 108625

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07387 108625

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