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European Parkinson Therapy Centre

Internationally leading Parkinson's charity and centre operating in 38 countries.

Founded by Alexander Reed after he discovered at age 46 to have Parkinson's. The therapy Protocols were created by leading names in the UK and in USA. The centres work to change the approach to the treatment of people with Parkinson's has gained much international attention.
Many experts contributed to creating the four pillars approach to Parkinson's
ReGen 4 pillars approach

A personal message from our founder

1) Medicine. It`s what keeps us moving and eases some aspects of Parkinson`s. One well known British Neurologist told me recently. `We know a lot about Parkinson`s but we don`t and can`t know Parkinson`s` (because they have never lived with it). A remarkable truth and probably why this Neurologist is so exceptional. Medicines CANNOT give us QUALITY of life. Happiness comes from within. Try looking there. Our Neurologists do not intervene on medicines unless a problem is evident. We believe the relationship between a Neurologist and their `patient` is a fundamental link.

2. Physical movement (Neurotherapy) is now understood better and like medicine, it is now understood it must `taken` daily. Regularity and not quantity is as important.. But what must we do? Walking is a basic and fundamental aspect of daily life with Parkinson`s. It produces a Neuro protective effect, in short it helps slow down Neuro degeneration and is good for everybody but is especially important for us. Tango therapy, gym and physiotherapy are often mentioned but in reality if not done regularly, they have limited effect. So hiding under the figurative table will actually speed up the condition when infact living is a highly effective way of fighting Parkinson`s, `think before you move`, this point is often missed and is based on the concept of Neuroplasticity.
Group therapy is popular too but everybody is different in their Parkinson`s. Take 4 chefs and give them the same ten ingredients and you`ll end up with 4 different meals. If you really want to reduce your symptoms you need to work individually with a neuro specialist to identify, correct and learn to maintain Posture, gait, stability etc

3. Life style is perhaps the least understood and hence the less treated. Apart from obvious points about what and when we eat and the avoidance of stress, what is essential to understand is that we have a choice. We can choose to be apathetic and negative or we can choose to take control. We can choose to delegate our quality of life to a Neurologist or to our spouses or we can choose to focus our lives on doing what we can enjoy. Life will change but who says we cannot decide how it should change. If we choose to do less but do more of what we enjoy, then quality of life is maintained.

4. Psychological. We use the ACMA approach. We must first ACCEPT we have Parkinson`s, that means accepting something we don`t want but just like ageing, it is a fact. How can we fight something if we do not accept it exists? Like going into a boxing ring with a blindfold, we are going to get hit hard. Take the blindfold off, we can hit back!. COMPREHENSION of the reality of Parkinson makes us stronger as we realize we can influence progression and symptoms. It`s much harder to fight in a war we do not believe in or one in which we do don`t understand the strategy.

Only if we accept and comprehend can we be MOTIVATED and this will only be effective if we combine what we need to do with what we enjoy.

These 3 stages bring about real ACTION which we can sustain and believe in. Too many people talk about what we must do (Action) without understanding that we have not yet accepted, understood and decided to do it.

If one of the above Pillars goes down, it may pull down others to. That`s why Apathy and depression are so destructive. If we stop caring, we stop exercising and we stop living. We are then left with just the Medicines. Back to square one.

People with Parkinson`s have a simple request; We need support not as patients but as people and families. That is the reason the European Parkinson Therapy Centre has been so successful and has consulted and worked with for so many other organisations.

In many countries we work with National associations and patient groups to lobby governments to understand that if you help a person who is newly diagnosed, it will relieve stress, anxiety and motivate them and indeed will SAVE money as people will carry on working and paying Taxes and need less medical attention. The "First Steps" Program together with Parkinson UK is but one example.

Simply Put the Centre and Charity is focused on.... Reducing the symptoms, Slowing progression and giving back peoples lives.

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