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inMotion VR

inMotion VR is a game changer that is bringing Corpus VR as a practical Virtual Reality and motion sensing platform to therapists and their clients. Corpus VR uses gamification to offer engaging environments and VR rehabilitation exercises.

At inMotion VR we believe that using a combination of gamification and VR will enable optimized therapy for a wide variety of physical and mental issues.

Corpus VR is a therapy platform for physio and neuro therapy that can be used by a therapist as a tool for physical rehabilitation, pain relief and treating anxiety disorders. As a platform it uses the strength of VR to focus the patient on their own goals by putting them in different game environments in which they play games, while the therapist controls the degree of difficulty and the patient specific settings regarding the relaxation level (based on biofeedback research) and the muscle groups the patient needs to train. The games that the client will play will be controlled by the therapist because each game serves a certain goal. Either to train using small motor controls to help you train your neck and shoulder muscles during the trip into the space station. Or catching fruit and pollen in a cartoony garden and training your upper body. The main thing is that training has become fun and more effective by keeping the patients more engaged and loyal to the rehabilitation program!

VR empowers the client to reach their goals faster. And we want to give the coaches and therapists the tool that will help them to make optimal use of this stimulating world in coordination with their clients.

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