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Effective, drug-free, noninvasive treatment of depression with MagVita TMS Therapy®

MagVita TMS Therapy is a complete system for the treatment of depression. The technology, known as rTMS, is simple, effective and easy to use for any psychiatrist wishing to give patients an alternative to antidepressants. MagVenture offers the system as a one-off purchase with no payment per use. Treatment quality, flexibility, consistency, patient comfort, and patient management, are key elements in the system which was the first to be CE-marked for treating Major Depression Disorder in adults. The MagVita TMS Therapy system was furthermore FDA cleared in 2015. That same year, NICE also issued a full guidance on TMS for depression.

MagVenture furthermore offers several research solutions including:
- Coils and software for double-blinded clinical trials
- Multiple waveforms and pulse modes
- Active cooling system for more demanding rTMS protocols

With 7 different magnetic stimulators and 30+ coils, the MagPro line furthermore meets most needs such as Motor Evoked Potentials, TMS, rTMS, and Functional Magnetic Stimulation.
All products are sold through sales subsidiaries in the UK, Germany and the USA, as well as an extensive distributor network.

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