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Micromed Electronics Ltd

Micromed Electronics Ltd, was founded in 1995, to supply fully customised installations to Neurophysiology throughout the UK to both the NHS and Private sector.
We have a full range of EEG, EMP, EP, LTM and Intra operative monitoring solutions.

Our Parent company Micromed is an Italian company manufacturing electro medical devices for Neurophysiology Diagnostics
It is today one of the few company able to develop, design and manufacture in house both
hardware and software of the systems

Our product range allows digital EEG testing (EEG, VideoEEG, StereoEEG), Holter Poligraphy, Evoked Potential, Electromyography and Polisomnography.

Our customers are laboratories of Neurophysiology, Neurology, Child Neurology, Epilepsy and Sleep Centres as well as Rehabilitation and ICU department

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