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QEF Neuro Rehabilitation Services

QEF Neuro Rehabilitation Services offers opportunities for people to improve in all areas of life following neurological event or illness.

We provide residential or day support and outpatient services to men and women from 18-65 who are medically stable, but may have a range of complex needs.

Our team consists of a high concentration of experts in specialist areas, including:
• Consultant in rehabilitation medicine
• Specialist nurses
• Neurotherapists
• Neuro physiotherapists
• Speech and language therapists
• Occupational therapists
• Neuropsychologists
• Vocational support team
• Art and music tutors.

We offer one-to-one programmes to help improve cognitive, communication, physical, social and functional abilities and vocational skills, as well as providing support for transition home, back to education or work, or supported accommodation.
The evidence from observation of our clients` functionality and dependence on support at admission and discharge shows that we make a significant difference to our clients` future ability to manage daily living activities and their adjustment to their condition and circumstances.

A unique element we provide is added value from QEF's other charitable services, usually at no extra cost to the client or funding bodies. Charity fundraising and voluntary donations also fund art, music and other leisure activities that are crucial to improving quality of life.

We believe that brain injury and the effects it has are not just something that happens to individuals, but to families. As well as the right environment and support for the client so their functionality and quality of life can improve, we see our role as supporting families too.

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