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Software Engineering Italia Srl

Software Engineering Italia is provider of Innovation Facing Future Challenges.
Swing:It is a ICT company specialized in high-level design and development of cutting-edge software and visualization solutions for challenging R&D tasks in several fields and fulfil the forefront needs of industries and scientific communities. The 3D Virtual Reality software for Cognitive Training represents the main product line.
Software Engineering Italia (aka Swing:It, or SEITA) is an IT company born in 2010, formally a SME, which is specialized into high-level design and development of software solutions. SEITA is devoted to cutting-edge activities, aimed to address most advanced project R&D tasks and fulfil the forefront needs of industries and scientific communities. The company provides high-level solutions for:
- 3D, Fully Immersive, Semi-Immersive Extended Reality (Virtual, Augmented, Mixed, etc).
- Tele-medicine and e-Health.
- Industrial Automation.
- Communication and Visualization. Applications, Portals, Web 2.0.
- Geo-spatial and Earth Observation services. Satellite and space missions.
- Transports, geo-localisation, sustainable mobility.
- Native (iOS, Android, etc) and cross-platform Mobile Applications.
- Dedicated Software for scientific communities and industries.
- Networking, Virtualization, Grid and Cloud computing.
- Virtual Museums and Cultural Heritage applications.

The company offers architectural design and development, project management, automated and integrated testing and verification, final testing activities. In addition to technical-scientific activities, SEITA is also well equipped to contribute to training, management, administrative and organizational ones. The company HQ is located in Catania (Italy), and has another operating office in Rome.
The company fully developed VBrain, a Virtual Environment for Diagnosis and Rehabilitation of Cognitive Diseases like Alzheimer`s Dementia, Parkinson`s Disease, Intellectual Disabilities and Communication Disorders. The systems is based on Virtual Reality solutions, includes a 3 mt x 3 mt 3D Virtual Room with Stereoscopic HD projection and a huge number of alternative visualisation devices (supports Head Mounted Displays, PCs, Tablets, Touch TVs and Tables). The system is built on top of a Cloud infrastructure and is fully tele-supervised.

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