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The Active Hands Company Ltd

Our mission is to help people achieve more active and inclusive lives - giving them independent access to a variety of activities that would be impossible without Active Hands gripping aids.

Active Hands make gripping aids that gently, yet firmly hold your hand into a gripping shape enabling you to hold tightly onto objects from hammers to garden tools; gym equipment to wii controllers; ski-outriggers to boat tillers; adaptive bike handles to musical instruments; and many more. Our gripping aids are designed so that the user can put them on independently.

Our gripping aids are ideal for tetraplegic/quadriplegics, those with Cerebral Palsy, stroke recovery or any disability that affects hand function. Some of our products are also suitable for those with limb difference. Take a look at our product section for more information.

Available in a range of sizes, our aids suit from small children to large-handed adults!

We also stock a wide range of carefully selected products designed for those with reduced hand function. These include mobile phone accessories, kitchen equipment, package openers. For our full range see the shop page.

Active Hands can give you more freedom - take a look at our products section to give you more ideas on how you can increase your independence using our gripping products.

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