Fundamentals and applications of tES, 1-3 Dec 2017

The BrainBox Initiative, from Rogue Resolutions, is a programme of activities and events aimed at supporting and nurturing up-and-coming neuroscientists.

It provides opportunities to:

- Get hands-on experience with neuroscience research techniques

- Learn about the latest advances in the field

- Network with other researchers

- Gain recognition from the research community

- Share ideas and instigate new collaborations

- Raise your profile

BrainBox Initiative is a collaboration with key academics in the field including Professors John Rothwell, Sven Bestmann and Dr Joe Devlin of UCL, Professor Michael Banissy, Goldsmiths, University of London, Professor Paul Taylor, LMU Munich and Dr Charlotte Stagg, University of Oxford.

Their next workshop is called the Fundamentals and applications of tES. Run in collaboration with neuroscientists at UCL London, this workshop course aims to provide participants with plenty of hands-on practical experience and knowledge of the basic principles and applications of transcranial electrical stimulation including direct current and alternating current modes.

Participants will gain an understanding of:

- Physiology of transcranial stimulation of the motor cortex

- tES for studying cognition and in clinical practice

- Methods clinic

- Computational modeling

- tES with TMS and neuronavigation

- Demonstration and discussion of integrated multi-modal neuroscience applications  - - +44 2920 229 998