Videomicroscope offers astounding 3D imaging in brain and spine surgery

The Orbeye by Somed – a joint venture of Olympus and Sony – produces magnified, high-resolution and three-dimensional images of surgical sites that can be seen by everyone in the room.

The device is smaller and less cumbrous than the standard surgical microscopes and can be easily manoeuvred so neurosurgeons can look at parts of the brain that otherwise would be difficult to see.

Not only does the videomicroscope provide a perfect teaching platform, allowing students in the room to witness the intricacy of delicate surgeries in real-time, but it also encourages collaboration between neurosurgeons. The type of advice or discussion that could ultimately save a patient’s life.  

Orbeye is not the only example of such equipment and Dr. Charles L. Branch, chief of neurosurgery at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, N.C. suggested:

“I believe it will be widely adopted fairly quickly… I think we’ll see three or four competitive products pop up. That will make the technology less expensive…’

Whilst Dr. Bob S. Carter, chief of neurosurgery at the Massachusetts General Hospital suggested the technology is “the way of the future.”

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