Alexander Reed

European Parkinson Therapy Centre (Not for profit)

Alexander Reed is director and founder of European Parkinson Therapy Center ( The story of the birth of the center is closely intertwined with his history. Born in Uganda, Alex attended school in Cranleigh, near Guilford and later graduated in Business Management at Bradford University. He then become director of Numerous companies, known for his ability to "make the difference". European Parkinson is a state of art and completely innovative center based in the famous Spa town of Boario (BS).

Alexander himself Lives with Parkinson since the age of 46, and decided to create the non-profit association, with the purpose to help People with Parkinson’s and their families accept and acquire awareness of the disease together with world class therapy. As a leading Centre, some of the biggest names have been involved mainly from Great Britain and the United States. Reed and his Teams demonstrate every day that with Parkinson’s you can learn to live with it.

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The changing face of Rehabilitation and Therapy

Founded by Alexander Reed after he discovered at age 46 to have Parkinson''s. The therapy Protocols were created by leading names in the UK and in USA. The centres work to change the approach to the treatment of people with Parkinson''s has gained much international attention.
Many experts contributed to creating the four pillars therapy approach to Parkinson''s. A key therapy principle. People with Parkinson’s have a simple request; They need support not as patients but as people and families. That is the reason the European Parkinson Therapy Centre has been so successful and has consulted and worked with for so many other organizations.


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