Angela Davies-Smith MSc, MCSP, SRP

The Brain Centre, Southmead Hospital

Angela Davies Smith is a clinical specialist research physiotherapist and has a research interest in MS. She works in a MS Research Unit based within a large clinical MS service in Bristol UK. Her primary area of research is symptom management with a focus on developing assistive technologies. Previous work has included collaborative studies to develop intelligent functional electrical stimulation and novel methods to measure postural sway. An ongoing research theme has been the measurement and control of intention tremor in MS in collaboration with the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Bristol. Other research areas involve fatigue management and fMRI studies of MS related fatigue. She is a member of iMSpire, a European research collaboration. Clinical services include FES and fatigue management (FACETS).

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Evaluation of an FES Service using WalkAide for people with Multiple Sclerosis

In people with MS and footdrop FES has been shown to provide both orthotic and therapeutic effects and to sustain safer walking when there is increasing disability. WalkAide is an FES system that uses a tilt sensor to trigger stimulation. Individuals referred via an NHS MS service were assessed and those suitable were offered a 4-8 week home trial to evaluate daily use, effectiveness and acceptability. Following home trial people obtaining their own WalkAide were offered an ongoing follow up review service. An evaluation of the service and its outcomes will be presented with results from a user survey.


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