Claire Booth & Anita Pascoe

Westcountry case management

Claire Booth is an occupational therapist who since 1987 has worked with clients who have sustained brain injury. In the 1990’s Claire set up a case management service within a private brain injury unit. In 1998 she assisted with setting standards and the philosophy of care for a new brain injury rehabilitation unit in Devon.

Claire worked independently as a case manager from 1997. She established Westcountry Case Management in 2001 in response to the growing demand for services. Claire believes in providing a high quality, personal, specialist service taking an active role in developing the business and managing over 40 case managers. She is assisted by a strong management team including Anita Pascoe Clinical Services manager.
She is keen for case management to develop and be accredited to ensure clients are protected and provided with the best possible service and to bring health care professional into case management.

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Navigating murky waters post ABI - A case management approach

We will discuss effective ways of supporting people living with long term
Consequences of brain injury using a case management approach. Well trained and managed support workers can make a qualitative difference to people’s lives taking into account their executive difficulties , capacity and function. Data from electronic support worker records devised by the case manager assist the MDT evaluate needs and progress in daily living to support and justify funding.


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