Dr Anne Wright

Evelina London Children’s Hospital, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS foundation Trust

Anne Wright is the lead consultant in charge of the Children’s Bladder clinic at the Evelina London Children’s Hospital (Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS foundation Trust) where she works closely with the Nephro-Urology and paediatric Neurology departments covering the full spectrum of childhood bladder dysfunction from enuresis to neuropathic bladders with an average of 2000 outpatient visits/annum.

She is responsible for paediatric urodynamic investigation within the service which currently averages 250 studies/annum. She also works closely with her gastroenterology colleagues to manage children with joint bladder and bowel dysfunction. She works one day a week in the Community with additional responsibilities for physical and learning disabilities, neurodevelopmental disorders (Autistic spectrum disorders, ADHD) and Child Protection.

She has worked with NICE for the Childhood Enuresis guidelines and Quality Standards, is Chairperson of the ERIC (Education and Resources for improving Childhood continence) clinical advisory committee and is Secretary of the International Children’s Continence society. She teaches and presents widely at conferences.

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Neuromodulation for Incontinence in Children

Both non-invasive and invasive electroneurostimulation modalities for bladder bowel dysfunction have been studied and reported in children. A summary of the proposed mechanism of actions and the more commonly used and recently reported techniques together with outcomes will be described.

This includes transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, functional electrical nerve stimulation, intravesical electrical nerve stimulation, percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation and sacral neuromodulation in conditions including overactive bladder, enuresis, dysfunctional voiding, constipation, combined bladder bowel dysfunction and neuropathic bladder and bowel dysfunction.


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