Dr Ava Easton

The Encephalitis Society
Chief Executive of The Encephalitis Society

Dr Ava Easton is the Chief Executive of The Encephalitis Society (www.encephalitis.info). Ava has produced and published several papers, and more recently a book (Life After Encephalitis) on various aspects of Encephalitis and its after-effects; she also speaks internationally at conferences and provides lectures and training on encephalitis, acquired brain injury, and narrative medicine.

Ava is involved in a number of research studies looking into the processes and outcomes of Encephalitis and is an Honorary Fellow at The University of Liverpool, UK. Ava also provides consultancy to various press and media, is a book reviewer for The Lancet Neurology and book editor for Brain Injury Journal.

Follow her day-to-day work on twitter - @encephalitisava

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The Importance of Narrative Medicine

Patient narratives can provide important insights. Deep listening and understanding a person’s narrative can really open our eyes to people’s illness experience, including how they make sense of their ill-health, and how they engage with recovery and rehabilitation. Narratives contribute to how both patients and physicians make sense of health and illness, and have an increasingly instrumental value, as a tool to improve care.