Dr Cheryl Metcalf

University of Southampton

I am a Principal Enterprise Fellow in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Southampton. I work specifically on the evaluation and validation of health technologies. I work with colleagues to develop translation plans for their research that goes beyond publication; often identifying opportunities to license or commercialise research.

I have an entrepreneurial spirit and have a large international network of academic, industrial and clinical contacts in this field. I hold 3 patents and have started two companies; one of which is a global exporter. I also work as a consultant helping organisations and individuals scope competitor markets to assess viability in new health technology domains.

I am particularly interested in technologies that measure movement and function, and developing novel methods of capturing this information. I believe that in order to facilitate the next generation of healthcare provision, health technologies must be capable of capturing and presenting clinically useful, personalised information to rehabilitationalists, patients and carers in environments that go beyond the traditional rehabilitation clinic.

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Commericalising health technologies

This talk will give an overview of methods of commercialising health technologies and examples of ongoing initiatives. I will focus on an ongoing commercialising plan for a health technology in neurorehabilitation. I will cover funding options, successes and failures, the importance of finding the right team, collaboration and believing in your idea. I will also provide some links to tools that can help when formulating your ideas and teams.