Franck Assaban


Franck is one of the major vestibular rehabilitation specialists in France. Alongside his clinical practice, He has been looking for a range of improved solutions and tools, such as Optokinetic stimulators, and new solutions for Motion Sickness. In 2014, he discovered Head Mounted Displays for Virtual Reality and founded Virtualis in 2015 to bring this new technology to patients and therapists. Working with the top research teams in various fields (Vestibular, Balance, Posturology, Motion Sickness, Brain research) he designs Virtual Reality Therapeutic software for Balance Rehabilitation/Evaluation (vestibular condition, verticality after stroke, etc…), Motion Sickness, Rehabilitation after Stroke, Pain management, and functional rehabilitation.

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Virtual Reality in Rehabilitation

Virtual Reality offers amazing new possibilities in various therapeutic fields, especially neurological. This presentation will demonstrate how this new technology can help patients and therapists working in the fields of vestibular and balance rehabilitation, hemiplegia (mirror therapy), Pain management (Phantom limb, algodystrophy) and functional rehabilitation.


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