Gardar Thorvardsson

Kvikna ehf

Born and raised in Iceland, Gardar holds a MSc degree in mathematics and operation research. He is the co-founder and co-owner, as well as the managing director of Kvikna ehf, a software development company based in Reykjavik. Kvikna is an innovator in the development of specialized EEG and synchronized video cloud services, facilitating data sharing for EEG research and consultation across borders. The cloud services of Kvikna are marketed under the brand name Lifelines iEEG.

Gardar is the former development manager of Taugagreining, the software development company that created pioneering products for EEG in the early 2000s, such as Nicolet One and Nervus Monitor. He is also the former director of marketing and later director of product innovation of Viasys Healthcare in the UK.

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Cloud services for EEG research – across borders.

Cloud has become the internet buzz word in the past years. With all kinds of commercial promises referring to ease of use and information accessible from anywhere, many questions regarding patient information security have been raised.
The seminar will introduce the audience to the benefits of cloud services for EEG research and the pitfalls to avoid. It addresses the security issues and accessibility controls as well as the differences between commercial cloud storage and specialized, qualified EEG cloud services.


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