Gary Green

York Instruments

Gary Green is the former founding director of the York Neuroimaging Centre and Co-director of the Centre for Hyperpolarisation in MRI in York.

Some of Gary Green’s research interests include Neuroscience (basic and clinical), dynamics of the brain, and hyperpolarisation of nuec;ear spin in organic molecules, mathematics of non-linear dynamic systems, and non- invasive imaging methods and applications (MRI, MEG and EEG).

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Brain scanning using quantum sensors

Quantum sensors have been used in a range of applications – from outer space to deep sea mining.This seminar explains how an innovative type of sensor can be used to measure human brain activity non-invasively for both research and clinical applications. The seminar will briefly describe how the sesnitivity of such sensors can be matched to ultra-low noise electronics and supported by state-of-the art software based on client need.