Gert-Jan Brok

inMotion VR

Gert-Jan Brok was born with the enthusiastic DNA of a gamer. Growing from the early Atari, through Amstrad to the latest VR system. Graduated as Interaction Designer, with a focus on human-computer interaction. He has been a professional game designer for over 19 years now. He started a new adventure 2 years ago when he co-founded inMotion VR with his partner Kiki Coppelmans who is a psychosomatic physical therapist.

Gert-Jan uses his skills and drive to optimize other fields of work by using game mechanics and motivational techniques. He has been involved with the serious gaming community for many years as a speaker, jury member and as an external advisor for educational institutes and corporations. As CEO and co-founder of inMotionVR he is breaking new grounds by practically applying Virtual Reality technology in the world of healthcare.

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Practical results by using Virtual Reality in your practice and beyond

Virtual Reality is no longer a thing of the future. It''s here to stay. If you like it or not. And your competitors are using it already in day to day cases. What is the benefit of using Virtual Reality within your rehabilitation programs? Learn why you should use Virtual Reality as any other tool in the toolbox.

Gert-Jan will explain the real added value for you, your patient AND your practice. Get inside information of the possibilities of using Virtual Reality that will give you the head start towards your competitors today.


  • Dr Hugo Spiers: Speaking at the European Neurological Convention

    Dr Hugo Spiers
    University College London

    Developing a mobile app help diagnose spatial navigation problems in early stage Alzheimer’s dementia

  • Lynn Vale: Speaking at the European Neurological Convention

    Lynn Vale
    Ottobock Healthcare PLC,

    Small Pulses, Active Support. The Benefits of Functional Electrical Stimulation

  • Katharine Ford: Speaking at the European Neurological Convention

    Katharine Ford
    Epilepsy Forward Cycling

    Implications of Sodium and Epilepsy in Ultra Endurance Sport

  • Brad Westcott: Speaking at the European Neurological Convention

    Brad Westcott

    Seizure management and the latest in US Hospital Tele-EEG programs

  • Professor Jeremy  Hobart: Speaking at the European Neurological Convention

    Professor Jeremy Hobart
    Plymouth University