Gillian Bell


Over the last 11 years, Gillian has worked with health & education professionals, individuals & families to help create appropriate environments for the care or treatment of people with complex needs, and a wide range of health conditions. She will use case studies to outline how appropriate care & treatment environments can be created which can be adapted to meet arrange of individual needs.

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Creating appropriate environments to enable people with complex needs & behaviours to access treatment & healthcare.

Providing an appropriate and safe environment to provide treatment for someone with complex needs, brain injury, movement disorders or challenging behaviours, can be problematic.

Gillian will talk about how to create customised, soft, safe, adaptable care environments, with particular reference to high sided beds and safe rooms. These spaces can be adapted to meet a range of needs, to provide a low or high stimulation environment for treatment, rehabilitation or therapeutic work. Gillian can explain how a soft space can be used for sensory integration work.

The CIPOLD Report (2013) highlights the need to identify people with learning disabilities in healthcare settings, and to implement the provision of “reasonable adjustments so a person can effectively access delivery of care” to reduce health inequalities. Gillian will talk about how people with challenging behaviour, sensory processing difficulties, or lack of awareness of risk can be have their needs addressed by appropriate equipment.


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    Dr Paul Taylor
    Odstock Medical Limited and Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

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    Imperial College healthcare NHS trust, St Mary’s hospital

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