James S. Gyurke, Ph.D.

ImPACT Applications, Inc.

James (Jim) Gyurke, Ph.D., is a senior sales and operations executive in the software, education and medical fields. Dr. Gyurke is committed to developing new market and customer opportunities while at the same time growing sales organically by improving service delivery and product opportunities for existing customers. He has more than 27 years of experience in all phases of publishing Jim Gyurke, Ph.D. including R&D, Marketing, Sales and Business Development.

In his two years as Chief Operating Officer at ImPACT Applications, Dr. Gyurke has been instrumental in the company’s dramatic revenue growth, as well as in the introduction of numerous new products and initiatives. With his broad sales, business development and R&D skills combined with his experience as a former practicing psychologist, Dr. Gyurke brings a unique perspective to ImPACT.

Prior to joining ImPACT, Dr. Gyurke spent 14 years as Vice President of Marketing and Sales at PAR, Inc.

Dr. Gyurke has been a member of numerous professional and scientific organizations including the National Association of School Psychologists, the American Psychological Association and the Florida Association of School Psychologists.

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The importance of data based decision making in concussion management

This seminar will cover the critical elements of concussion identification and management for healthcare professionals. The focus will be on how reliable, valid and objective computerized assessment improves the decision-making process and the outcomes of the patient. Particular attention will be given to the key elements of a program including education, assessment and management and which stakeholders should be involved in each phase of the program. Examples of model programs from the US will be provided.


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