Janet Schmitt

Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People (QEF)

Janet brings over 20 years’ experience and skills to QEF from a career in rehabilitation encompassing clinical, academic and managerial roles.
Janet’s clinical background is as a specialist neuro physiotherapist. After roles at Queen Mary’s Hospital, Roehampton and Westminster Hospital she worked as head of physiotherapy at Harrowlands Neuro-Rehabilitation Unit, Dorking from 2002-2005.
Academically, Janet began as a physiotherapy lecturer in 2005 at Bournemouth University, progressing to senior lecturer and clinical coordinator at St Georges, University of London. She was then appointed course director of the MSc in Rehabilitation at St George’s, where she remains an honorary senior lecturer.
As senior project manager with NHS London Janet successfully established the non-medical education and training portal, which has been adopted by Health Education England in London and the South East to effectively manage workforce development funding. She also spent three years as community service manager for The Royal Marsden NHS Trust.
In 2016 Janet joined QEF. As Head of Rehabilitation and Care she brings a person-centred, problem solving, collaborative approach to their rehabilitation and treatment provision.

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Are we as person-centred as we think we are?

This seminar will examine the importance of a person-centred approach in neuro-rehabilitation. What does person-centeredness mean? How important is it? Are our services as person-centred as we think they are? How can we know?


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