Jennifer Legler, BS, CNIM

Trusted Neurodiagnostics Academy, LLC

Jennifer Legler has been in the neurodiagnostics field for 11 years. She graduated from the University of North Georgia, in Dahlonega, GA, USA with a bachelors degree in Biology and Chemistry.

Following graduation she was hired by an IOM company and “trained” on the job with little to no guidance. Without the proper training she felt vulnerable for the patient. She did not have the knowledge to help guide the surgeons when needed and vowed that she would not let others experience that.
During her eleven years on the job she trained many technologists and ensured that they had the knowledge they needed to protect the patient. Now, with the help of the internet Trusted Neurodiagnostics Academy inspires to bring the field to the highest level with education and training.

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The Importance of Education and Training in Neurodiagnostics

The neurodiagnostic field is comprised of EEG, Evoked Potentials (EP), Nerve Conduction Studies (NCS),and Intraoperative Monitoring (IOM) and is rapidly evolving. IOM, for example, was first used in the 1970’s when severe spinal deformities could be treated with surgical advancements and instrumentation. At that time spinal cord evoked potentials were developed to reduce spinal cord injury. As the benefit of evoked potentials became apparent the field adapted to include Brainstem Evoked Potentials, Visual Evoked Potentials, and Direct Nerve Stimulation.

However, the neurodiagnostics field grew, and is continuing to grow at such a rate that the opportunity and the availability for quality education did not keep up. But, technologists, surgeons, and companies are beginning to realize the need for quality education and training.


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