Maggie Sargent

Maggie Sargent & Associates

Maggie Sargent is a Registered General Nurse with over 30 years experience of caring for individuals with acquired brain injury and other catastrophic injuries.

As director of Maggie Sargent & Associates a leading provider of expert witness reports she leads a team of experienced experts. Her wide and varied practical experience enables her to speak with considerable authority and she is an acknowledged leading expert in her field, frequently invited to speak at National and International events.

Maggie is also director of CCMS an award winning specialist provider of case management for rehabilitating severely injured adults and children throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and Worldwide.

A published author she has written papers on the costs of care including a paper at The European Brain Injury Symposium at the Vatican on caring for clients with PVS and is the specialist contributor author on expert care and case management in the APIL Guide to Catastrophic Injury.

Driven by a passion to ensure that those with catastrophic and complex injuries are given the opportunity to live their lives to the full Maggie organises annual trips for them, Skiing, Surfing, African Safari''s and in March 2017 took a ventilator dependent client skiing in France.

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The Journey- Having a purpose in life following Brain Injury

Considering the incredibly beneficial effects of activities including group travel on individuals who have sustained Neurological injuries and the positive impact to both the individual and their families, including ''The Journey'' a thought provoking video demonstrating that life after injury can be meaningful.


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