Maroun Farah

Senso Medical Labs, Ltd.

Senso Medical was founded by Maroun Farah in 2014 to leverage on his experience as a Research & Development Manager and Chief Technology Officer. He served for 13 years with a leading neuroscience-based medical device development company to create products that bring neuroscience technologies to the market in the most cost-effective and timely way possible.
He has extensive experience in developing products in the fields of neuroscience technologies and functional neurosurgeries. Additionally, he has deep multidisciplinary expertise in the fields of biomedical engineering, electrodes design, electronics, mechanics, neuroscience technology, electrochemistry and a background in software systems architecture. He has successfully led FDA and CE approval processes for multiple products.

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BioPot platform: development of EEG, EMG and Bioimpedance tattoo wearables

Recent advancements in noninvasive bioelectric sensing allow the use of novel materials and technologies to interface with the nervous system. Key to this are printable electrodes that are disposed on ultra-thin tattoo like substrates for the sensing of EEG, EMG and bio-impedance signals. Electronics interfacing to it should be lightweight and easily connect to electrodes, acquiring and processing signals, then streaming data to patient’s tablet or smart phone and then to the cloud. Long term monitoring is also desirable, allowing the monitoring of patients at home. Bluetooth low energy latest changes, (BLE 5.0) in addition to being very efficient in power, brings a higher transmission bandwidth, enabling the transmission of digitized bioelectric signals. The BioPot platform is a lightweight, OEM, BLE 5.0 enabled platform that allows the sensing and acquisition of multichannel EEG, EMG and bio-impedance signals. BioPot is available with an SDK and a qualified HW module for the quick development of wearable neuroproducts.


  • Khashayar Pazooki: Speaking at the European Neurological Convention

    Khashayar Pazooki
    Groupe Psylux S.A. / Neuroacademy Luxembourg

    QEEG /ERP & psychometry into an individualized & personalized medicinal treatment Model of psychiatric disorders

  • Rosanne Tyas: Speaking at the European Neurological Convention

    Rosanne Tyas
    Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability

    Emotional Support and Adaption: Considering emotional aspects of music therapy with people with a neuro-disability.

  • Dr Martine Stoffels: Speaking at the European Neurological Convention

    Dr Martine Stoffels
    Priory Brain Injury Services & Phoenix Mental Health Services

    r-TMS in neuropsychiatric conditions.

  • Prof W.Gedroyc: Speaking at the European Neurological Convention

    Prof W.Gedroyc
    Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

    Brain MR guided focussed ultrasound

  • Martin Knight MD FRCS MBBS: Speaking at the European Neurological Convention

    Martin Knight MD FRCS MBBS
    The Spinal Foundation

    Cluneal Nerve Diagnosis and a Radiofrequency Treatment Protocol