Paul Spence

PAUL For Brain Recovery

In 2012 Paul was the victim of an unprovoked attack and subsequently suffered a brain haemorrhage; nothing could prepare him/his family for the battle of brain recovery. This long and challenging journey tested every aspect of his life. During his long and difficult recovery he soon realised there was a real lack of support in the community.

During his recovery Paul was left lost, lonely, confused and vulnerable after brain injury. His injury had devastating consequences that were life changing for him and his family. As there was very little support post acute services Paul knew that there needed to be somewhere to go, a lifeline, a place to obtain comfort, support, education and inspiration. This led him to setting up the charity PAUL For Brain Recovery.

PAUL For Brain Recovery exists to make life easier after brain injury by providing advice and support to empower all affected by. In April 2016, with the support of the Hull CCG, the PAUL For Brain Recovery Centre was opened.

Paul has walked the difficult path of brain recovery and feels very lucky to have recovered well. It is now his passion to help others that are on the line of despair.

Paul For Brain Recovery can be found on the Hudgell Solicitors Stand 2000

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The importance of community based support & guidance after brain injury.

This seminar will highlight the challenges faced during brain recovery following discharge from acute services. This inspiration talk will show how Paul, a brain injury survivor, used his own recovery to develop a model for community based support. The talk will also demonstrate the positive, life changing effect that this community based support can have on those going through brain recovery.


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