Professor Michael Hornberger

Norwich Medical School, University of East Anglia
Professor of Dementia Research

Michael is the Professor of Dementia Research at the Norwich Medical School, as well as the Director of Aging Research in the Norfolk & Suffolk Mental Health Trust. His research focuses on improving diagnosis, disease progression tracking and symptom management in dementia. His research group employs various research methodologies (clinical, cognition, neuroimaging and genetics) as well as disease interventions (pharmacological and non-pharmacological) for their research studies. He is working in close collaboration with other scientists as well as old-age psychiatrists, neurologists, nurses, clinical psychologists and speech and language therapists approach dementia from a multi-disciplinary angle.

Michael is originally from Germany but gravitated soon to England where he did his PhD at University College London before working at Cambridge University. He spent six years in Sydney (Australia) before returning to Cambridge and finally arriving at UEA in November 2015.

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Getting lost in dementia

Getting lost in everyday environments is very common in dementia but has virtually not been explored. This is despite the fact that getting lost can have very distressing effects for the people with dementia and their families, as often the police get involved and there is a high risk of environmental exposure.

In this seminar I will present data showing how people with dementia lose their spatial orientation and how this impacts on their lives and their families. I will then present new diagnostic approaches to detect spatial disorientation problems in dementia and how this can be specific to certain dementia pathophysiologies.

Finally, I will suggest potential pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches to alleviate or even prevent these devastating symptoms to improve the quality of life of patients and their families.


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