Stephanie Huber

Restorative Therapies, on behalf of Cyclone Technologies

Stephanie Huber, MS, OTR/L is a Clinical Specialist at Restorative Therapies. Her expertise includes Functional Electrical Stimulation and the use of Activity-Based Restorative Therapy for rehabilitation of adult and pediatric patients with neurological impairments.
In her current role, Stephanie works with a team of therapists to provide education and support to clinicians and home users of Restorative Therapies’ FES systems. She also uses her clinical experience to contribute to new product development. Her current role allows her to collaborate with clinicians globally to improve rehabilitative and health outcomes.

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Activity Based Restorative Therapy

Activity Based Restorative Therapy is a therapeutic intervention used to treat neurological illness and injury based around 5 key principles: Mass Practice, Locomotor Training, Weight-Bearing, Task-Specific Training and Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES). This seminar will discuss the application of these therapeutic principles in relation to the Functional Electrical Stimulation Systems produced by Restorative Therapies Inc., the RT300 (leg and/or arm cycle ergometer), RT200 (seated elliptical ergometer), RT600 (body weight supported end effector stepping system) and new Xcite (standalone 12 channel functional rehabilitation station). Attendees will have the opportunity to witness the Xcite being used in a live patient demonstration.


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